About This Blog


Yep, that’s me!

Hey! I’m Nikki. In this blog, you will find many posts, well, about me! From my resume to my artwork to my articles, feel free to search around my blog. Eventually, I will be blogging my adventures in France this summer.

In addition, I have many blog posts for my Journalism 202 class. I’ve decided that the main idea throughout my posts (not all, but most) will be about issues in today’s society that I feel strongly about. These issues will be about ones that l feel that are pressing for that need to be fixed immediately. This ranges from the topic of dangerous hockey fights to drunk driving to gay marriage. Basically, my “brand” is showing my passion for issues that need to be changed in society or journalism. I’ve always been devoted to certain issues, such as vegetarianism and animal rights, so this is a perfect fit for me.  These posts come from current events and readings from J202. Find these under the J202 tab!


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