Of course, an adventure to Europe featuring Nikki and Bianca wouldn’t be anything without some sort of chaos. And yes, it did start five minutes after we got to the airport. This is how the scenario went:

Bianca-“I think my bag’s like only ten pounds overweight or something, it’s cool.”

Baggage Lady- “Uhm…hun your bag is 25 pounds overweight. That’s a 200 dollar charge.”

Bianca- “WHAT!?”

Luckily, with some maneuvering and shifting some of her stuff, we got the charge down significantly.

We then went on to wait in the O’Hare airport for two hours, took a two hour flight to NYC (where I was tempted to buy a I ❤ NY shirt…), and then waited four more hours for our next flight. Of course WIFI at the airport costs money, so we couldn’t watch our beloved Netflix. Don’t worry, we had Degrassi on our laptops to entertain us.

8 hours on a plane is a long ride. Especially when you’re trapped at the window seat when you’re about to pee your pants and the flight attendants decide to deliver dinner in the slowest way possible. But, it’s okay, we  passed our time by mostly sleeping. And when I mean sleeping, I mean Bianca falling asleep on me and twitching every 15 minutes. And yes, she did fall asleep once on the cute little old French lady sitting next to us on the plane.

Of course, right off the airplane we ran into troubles trying to find our driver to take us to our host mom. Obviously our French was just too good for him to understand…

We finally arrived to our house we will be staying in for the next five weeks with Caroline, our host mom. Luckily, I can understand her French perfectly. PHEW. The apartment is cute, with a balcony full of what used to be flowers because her cats keep eating them. OH YEAH THAT’S RIGHT. She has cats. NIKKI’S DREAM COME TRUE…FRENCH CATS! I’ve made quite the friend with the little orange one. I’m starting to teach her English.

I was so tired, I fell asleep twice today. JETLAG!

But, in the night, we mastered the Metro and found our way to Les champ elysees. I say getting there and back was our biggest accomplishment of the day.


1. Depressingly, Netflix is not available in France 😦

2. We definitely look like idiot tourists. It’s cool though. We rock that map of Paris.

3. The metro isn’t as complicated as it seems….but of course dumbass nikki and bianca couldn’t figure out how to get the ticket in the machine. Americans. Don’t worry, we made it to L’Arch de Triomphe.

4. French people actually do walk around with huge baguettes. stereotype proven

5. My French accent sucks.

6. Waiters get surprised when you tip them 3.50..then when you realize that’s actually a lot more in Euros. Got to get out of this american money idea.

ALRIGHT, peace out. Gotta go sleep, we’re winning London tomorrow! (:


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  1. Aw…loved reading this! I love you!! 🙂

  2. love the things I learned part! 🙂 I did that when I was there and still laugh at the list!

  3. Keep writing here-love reading it! 🙂

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