Study Abroad Shenanigans: Actually STUDYING Abroad.

Okay, so when I departed for this adventure, I may or may have not have forgotten that it actually included STUDYING abroad. That’s right, I’m actually going to school. It’s cool though.

The first day (Monday), it was super difficult to wake up at 7 am to make it to class at 9 am. I guess I’m just used to the whole waking up at 9 am every day since my classes didn’t start until 1 last semester.

Also, we mastered the metro system, even though it’s a 25 minute ride to school. And of course, we couldn’t figure out where the school was from the metro station. Good thing we ran into Gretchen, who recognized us from the study abroad meeting back at UW because she lead us to the school.

Our school is Le Institut Catholique de Paris, and it’s in a cute little neighborhood.

Luckily, we found out we only had to go to school for less than an hour to finish some of the testing, including a speaking and writing test.

After, we wandered off to the Luxembourg Gardens (which is luckily super close to our school) and just sat and enjoyed the weather for over an hour.

We attempted to find a grocery store, but for some reason the one we wanted to go to was closed on a Monday. WEIRD. We found a smaller, super crowed one. Let it be known that French people do not buy in bulk like Americans. This is why these French people are so skinny. I’m pretty sure the cashier thought we were insane for the amount of food we were buying, and it wasn’t even that much on American terms.

And you’d think we’d actually go and do something after that since we’re you know… in Paris. But we were exhausted from the weekend in London so well…we slept all day. And I watched too many episodes of 90210. It’s cool. We have a whole month here!

The next day, we had 6 hours of school. Yes, it does feel like we’re back in high school and no I don’t like it. It’s three hours in the morning and two hours for lunch and three hours in the afternoon on tuesdays and thursdays and three hours in the mornings MWF. So basically, tuesdays and thursday suck. I actually fell asleep in class on Tuesday afternoon…oops. That’s never happened before.

Anyways, my class seems kind of easy so far, we’re just reviewing grammar points (of which i’ve learned 50000 times). We’re also reading a detective book, so you know that’s cool too.

After school, I again passed out and slept. Oops again!

Hopefully, I’ll get more used to this whole school thing. Luckily, we don’t get much homework.


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