Winning London: Part Two

Sorry, I had to break this post up into two. TOO MANY THINGS TO SAY.

Also sorry this took me a week to post.

The next day (Saturday), we were determined to fit EVERYTHING we needed to finish which included: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Globe Theatre, River Cruise, the London Eye, and oh yeah the Green Day/All Time Low concert. We were super nervous it wouldn’t get done. You’ll have to read on to see if we made it.

First, we woke up bright and early to see the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Which, no, it is not the original globe theatre. There’s been four or five. One burned down, and the freakin’ puritans destroyed another one. This one is a replica of what the globe would have looked like. We got to tour the inside, and some British actors were learning how to enunciate correctly in an outdoor theatre.


After, we ventured over to hop on the boat ride down the Thames River, which was free with our hop on and off bus tour. On our way, we randomly ran into a cute little market, which Bianca claims to have the best sandwich she’s ever had there.

We made it to the boat tour, and of course before I had my first lemon ice cream of the day. For lunch. Normal. We kept on worrying if we had enough time to take the boat ride, literally going back and forth if we should take it. But, I’m super glad we took it. It was a bit chilly, but our tour guide (who claimed he was not a tour guide, but you could tell he was really loving it), explained to us all the random facts of London that you could see from the boat, such as the longest river on the bridge, the construction going on, and why there were lion’s heads on the river bank.


After, we got off to go to on the London Eye, but we couldn’t get on for another hour, so we strolled nearby to Westminster Abbey, aka where Kate and William got married. Oh and also where every king and queen were crowned for the last 1000 years. I mean not cool at all right, right?? The inside of the church was amazing. There were so many crypts of kings and queens, so basically you know we met past monarchs. It’s cool. Of course, I pretended as if I was about to marry Prince Harry, but Bianca claims he’s just never getting married ever. We’ll see about that.

After, I ate my second lemon ice cream cone of the day. It’s cool. And we finally got in line (which was seriously long) for the London Eye (aka that thing Emily the Bachelorette rode on a romantic date last year, so of course we had to do it). Normally, I hate ferris wheel type things. But, I was 100 percent pumped to do this. Did you know the London Eye was only supposed to be up for 3 years, but they’ve kept it because they make thousands of pounds per rotation of the wheel? It’s supposed to be London’s “Eiffel Tower.” While in line, Bianca sat down on one side and waited for me to get to another side because I’m pretty sure her feet were about to fall off. Good thing we still had a bunch of things to do that day…


The view was SPECTACULAR. You could see the tippy top of St. Paul’s Cathedral to Big Ben and Parliament to down the river. Honestly, so worth the money/wait. It seriously wasn’t as scary as it looks at all, and it’s about a 30 minute ride total.

After, we took the bus to go see my childhood dream ever since I saw Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Winning London: Buckingham Palace. Seriously, I was about to pee my pants I was so excited. Fun fact: there are over 700 rooms in the Palace and the Queen hasn’t even been in all of them. Unfortunately, the guards weren’t outside of the gate. Don’t worry, Bianca still yelled a joke at them from behind the gate. I think it kind of worked?

After, we took the metro to a concert. Not just any concert: Green Day and All Time Low!!! Aka my middle school favorite band and my favorite band. Yes, that was the 13th time I’ve seen All Time Low. Yes, I know I have a problem. It’s definitely okay, don’t judge. Anyways, it was the biggest concert I’ve ever been to; over 60,000 people at Emrites Stadium. We got there at 4:30, also the earliest I’ve ever been to a concert and it lasted until 1030. It was the furthest I’ve ever been away from All Time Low. Normally, I’d be the front row fangirl, but instead I was in the nosebleed seats. And sitting. Which was such a relief compared to normally standing until my feet fall off. Of course, they were great. Green Day came on after a British band played, and I got to relive my middle school days. Fun fact: Green Day was the first concert I ever went to 8 years ago in 6th grade. Okay well that makes me feel SUPER old. Anyways, they were amazing and I was surprised the amount of songs i remembered. However, they didn’t play Wake Me Up When September Ends, so we were disappointed. Honestly, it was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while because Billie Joe was so entertaining. Pretty sure Bianca is now completely in love.


After, it was a complete mess trying to get out of the stadium. It took forever to walk to the tube because of the large crowd. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that were there.

The next day was (sadly) our last day in London. I seriously wish I could go back, there was so many things I still want to do, like the Harry Potter studio tour and museums and parliament…well the list could go on.

We headed out to channel our inner Beatles by traveling to Abbey Road. I grew up listening to, well basically either the Beatles or Queen on repeat, so this was another childhood dream come true. And when I say on repeat, I mean on repeat. I remember we’d always listen to it on our 3 hour drive up North, so this meant a lot to me. So, when we got there, we basically kept on trying to cross to get a good picture. Pretty sure we each crossed like 10 times. Plus we crossed another five together. It actually was just super fun to cross over and over again….we really couldn’t stop.


After, we headed to Hyde Park, where we climbed Primrose Hill (…where of course we shouted Primrose Everdeen….) and we saw a spectacular view of the city. We traveled through the park and got to witness many games of Cricket going on. Basically, it’s a combination of Pickle and Baseball…makes sense.

It was time to leave, and we were basically kind of depressed to leave London. Of course, Bianca forgot to buy a souvenir, so we ran around the train station and finally found a souvenir shop outside of the train station where she decidedly bought a London t-shirt. We also came to the realization that we actually had to go to school the next day… I mean I think we forgot it was called STUDY abroad.
On a final note, that train ride was the most uncomfortable ride ever…we awkwardly had to sit across from random people we didn’t know and they were taking up all the leg room.

OH, yeah almost forgot. There were these kids about our age sitting across from us on the train who may have quite possibly been the most annoying people I’ve ever heard. Direct quote from the American girl, “I bought my dad like this 50 or 60 dollar belt for his birthday because he totally needed a new one, and my mom told me so. Well when i say bought, I used his credit card. And my dad was so mad when he found out it was 50 dollars.” LYKE WUT. Oh and another quote, ” omg my dad is sooooo like embarrassing when he dresses. You know those like boat shoes? He wears SOCKS with them! In the wrong color! And then his belt never matches his shoes. Who does that? It’s so funny.”  OH! and another… “The Only  middle eastern country I’ve been to is Israel.” OH ONLY? So sad for you. I couldn’t stop laughing at whatever came out of this girl’s mouth.


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  1. Aw….sounds like a wonderful trip to London!

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