Study Abroad Shenanigans: Le Tour Eiffel

So Wednesday, school went by fast with only three hours of class. After, we decided to be straight up tourists and head to the Eiffel Tower.

However, before we happily made it to the Tower, of course something went wrong. When we got off the metro, police officers were guarding the gates checking people’s metro tickets. So we got out our navigo pass (our metro pass) and showed it to the lady. And yep, she pulled us aside because we didn’t have our pictures on the pass. Oh yeah, then she explained to us it would be a 30 Euro fine. For not having a picture on our pass. Ohhh yes we were pissed. But whatever, shit happens, right? And we were about to go view the eiffel tower, so it’s cool.

We basically took pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower from every angle. So super sorry about all my Eiffel Tower pics….my ones from my last trip were well…let’s just say disgusting (sorry Kelsey…I mean our pictures together were just great…). So, we took tons. The best part was just laying the grass for a while in front of the Tower. All these Parisians just chill by the Eiffel Tower on a normal day. So yeah, we wanted to feel Parisian.


After, we got crepes. Typical lunch. Which let me tell you, they were fantastic made with nutella and bananas. Also, the guys running the shop thought we were from Sweden because our French was so good…..I mean that works too I guess? They were super surprised to learn Americans could actually speak French. Who would have thought.


Which by the way, my diet here basically consists of four things: bread, cheese, gelato and crepes. I’m 100% okay with this idea. Don’t worry Dad, I’ve been eating fruit too.

On Thursday evening, after suffering through six hours of class again, we decided to climb the Eiffel Tour. And by climb, I don’t mean we took the elevator. We walked. Well, at least to the second level…you can’t walk to the very top (where we did end up taking an elevator). But still, it was over 600 steps. And boy did my feet hurt after that. But, actually walking up the Eiffel Tower has been on my bucket list, since I’ve actually been to the top twice before this. So yes, the reason why we look disgusting in our photos is because we were severely sweating.

Once we got to the top, it was CROWDED. It was super hard to take a good picture, but we somehow managed to. We were tempted to buy the 12 Euro champagne they had at the top of the tower, but decided us poor college kids should not splurge on that. After a little while, the tower began to clear out, so we decided to play some music and sit to just watch the sights of Paris. Yes, people did think we were weird. Actually, one woman applauded us for playing music. All of a sudden, everyone else was gone, so what did we do? Took modeling pics. Normal day for Bianca and Nikki. Until we were told we had to leave…sad day.


We went down and decided to go take a picture on the grass in front of the tower again. All these vendors were coming up to you trying to sell you wine and beer. One guy kept on coming up to us and when we told him no we don’t want it, he called us “bastards.” Which I think he kind of got his English mixed up with bitches vs bastards.

Random thoughts:
1. French people do not wear bright colors. So yes, we stick out like sore thumbs. And for some reason, everyone always knows we’re American. Well besides for that person who thought we were Swedish.

2. The metro stinks. Sometimes like piss. Sometimes like sweat. I feel like even if I take a shower, I’ll still smell no matter what that day.

3. My host mom has a really cute French kitty. Well, she has two but only one of them likes me. For all of you who know my cat obsession, this is a dream come true. I’ve actually fallen asleep cuddling her once.


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