Study Abroad Shenanigans: Tourist Time

Friday (June 7th) after school, we (me, Bianca and our new friend Dan), went on an adventure to go find the Mona Lisa at the Louvre (even though I warned them they would be disappointed). However, before we were of course hungry for our daily crepe for lunch. And of course, the nutella did get all over me and my skirt.

Luckily, this weekend was actually BEAUTIFUL and sunny out, compared to the colder days we were experiencing.

PS: Dan’s from South Korea so we basically ask him five million questions about Korea every time we hang out with him. From the, “Wait, do you guys think Americans are weird” questions to the history of Korea questions. Also, fun fact of the day: Dan’s ancestors were basically the Ming Dynasty. So basically, Dan is royalty (kinda sorta not really but we like to say it). And then of course we’ve taught Dan the basic lingo of Murrica… aka “selfie nation”, “pumped”, and “ROFL.” Close enough.

The Louvre is basically so big that you could probably spend over a week and still not see everything. I mean, I’ve been there three times & I’ve barely made a dent in it.

This time, we went straight to the Mona Lisa. Really, not all that interesting. I don’t understand why it’s one of the most famous paintings…I mean yeah they don’t know exactly who it is or if it’s a guy and there’s something wrong with the background. But, it’s really not all that impressive. Of course, I was way more impressed the first time I saw it and this was the third…

However, I made it to some parts of the Louvre I’ve never been to. One of which was basically part of a medieval castle that the Louvre used to be. Of course, we pretended to be prisoners in the dungeon.

After the Louvre, we head to Montmontre, a super cute neighborhood. I’ve never been in this part of Paris, so I was quite excited. We first set out to find Moulin Rouge, which no I’ve still never seen the movie even though Bianca thinks I’m the weirdest person ever for not seeing it yet. Although we debated seeing a show there, the whole paying 200 euros thing didn’t seem too pleasant. Oh well, we saw the building. On our way to find Sacre Coeur (aka Sacred Hearts for you English speaking people), we ventured down a street. Seemingly normal at first, we realized EVERY single shop on the street was either a sex shop or a strip club. Not even joking, except for the random grocery store. Okay, France, okay….

Finally, we made it to Sacre Coeur after taking a little metro up a hill.  The view was AMAZING. Unfortunately, you could not see the Eiffel Tower, despite our efforts. Stupid trees in our way. Outside of the church, a bride and groom were taking pictures, one of the many weddings we’ve seen in super touristic parts of Europe. However, it was so precious. When we got inside, mass was going on. Oddly, you could still walk around in it even though it was time for mass. Pretty awesome that we got to basically attend mass inside Sacre Coeur. The church itself was massive and beautiful and definitely worth the trip. After, we sat down by a fountain of which Bianca decided to take a little dip in. That works too. These teenagers were being complete rapscallions  throwing water at each other until some police officers attempted (but failed) to stop them.

That night, B & I were so tired, we crashed. I know I know, a Friday night in Paris and you sleep? Whatever, we had a long week. Although, I was supposed to skype my dad so I could see my brother graduate….but I fell asleep. Literally right after he texted me telling me it was starting. I was just a little depressed I missed it…sorry brotha wish I could have been there love youuuu. But on a serious note, I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished T-man 🙂

The next day, we headed out to the Notre Dame neighborhood where we met Dan and my friend Theresa. In front of Notre Dame, there’s a dumb giant blue structure with seating. It’s ugly. It’s supposed to be a “pilgrimage” to celebrate its 850th year anniversary but still, it’s UGLY. Good thing it’s just temporary. Nonetheless, I brought out my inner Esmerelda and pretended I was a gypsy. If you guys didn’t know, that was my fave movie as a child. I was OBSESSED…seriously I have pictures of me in Esmeralda underwear, shirts, PJs, and even swimsuits. Oh yeah, I had her costume too. Screw being a princess, I wanted to be a gypsy. Anyways, mass was also going on in Notre Dame, so I can now basically say I’ve been to mass at Notre Dame.

After, we ate sandwiches in the park by Notre Dame. Of course I ate my classic all cheese sandwich (don’t judge me). The park had a fun spinny ride to go on. Little did I know, you had to be under 14 to go on it….oops sorry not sorry. We then made our way to the Hollocaust memorial, but got distracted when we found the lock bridge! We later learned it was the smaller of the lock bridges, but still it counts. We bought a lock for 5 euros, wrote our names on it, and threw the keys over the bridge into the river. Hey, it was tourist day, we had to do it!

We then made our way to St. Chapelle t0 see amazing stained glass windows. Little did we know, we could have gotten in for free instead of paying the 8 euros since we were students. OH WELL OOPS. It was a beautiful little chapel, even if they were renovating the stained glass. Each part had a tiny little scene from the bible in it. On our way to the latin quarter, we took a pit stop to browse the little book store stands on the side of the Seine River. We found old magazines from the 1930s to a poster of the Beatles to a 1953 edition of The Little Prince. Too bad we were too cheap to buy anything (although the inner journalism nerd inside of me wanted to buy all the magazines). We finally made it to the latin quarter, where there were women dressed up in weird costumes. I’m assuming (and hoping) it was only a bachelorette party because one woman basically took a bath in the fountain. After, I bought a Paris University sweatshirt since it was the day I was allowed to be a straight up tourist.

That night, we were going to go on a boat ride down the Seine. However, it was raining. Instead, Bianca and I went to the little movie theatre only 5 minutes away from us. All of a sudden, we go from kinda sketch town to a super pretty place. The movie theatre is separated by the Seine, with some movies on one side of the river and the others on the other side. And yes, there is a tiny boat that takes you across the river. Anyways, we watched After Earth with Will & Jaden Smith, which was the first of three movies we saw last week. OOPS. It was an alright movie, nothing too special but I still love Will Smith.

Sunday, we attempted to go see Musee D’Orsay but the line was WAYYY too long. Too long for me to handle, so instead of course we crashed and slept. I actually took a four hour nap…my bad.

It was an overall successful tourist weekend 🙂


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  1. Aw….my little Gypsy girl….:) Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Keep making amazing memories. I love you!

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