Meow Wittle Blog Post of My Journey on 24/6/13

Yesterday, I woke up at one…p.m. How does that even happen?! Oh well had to catch up on sleep…and then I woke up again at five after eating. I NEEDED NAPS OKAY?

Today, after suffering through 3 hours of correcting… I mean just going over… our French tests, I decided to do some random traveling of Paris, catching the sites that I’ve missed. But before that, yay, my French teacher told me my essay on my test was her favorite because it was funny and I had no conjugation mistakes. She seems to be very surprised I know my verb tenses so well, yet I can’t pronounce a single French word right…oops sorry I’ve learned passe compose 50000 times but we never practice pronunciation. Anyways, somehow ended up with an A+ on that test.

I first started my day by heading to Brandy Melville, aka the store I’ve been wanting to go to for ages but of course they’re aren’t any in Wisco. I first saw a shirt in the window that I wanted sososo bad, but couldn’t find it. It’s okay, I found a better one. Possibly the best shirt I now own. It’s just a black tank top that says….”You Can’t Sit With Us.” Yep, perfect! Although I could have probably bought the whole store, I decided to keep calm.

I next went to visit Saint Suplice church, aka the church in the Da Vinci Code. I just took a little time to sit and reflect. After, I decided I HAD to climb Notre Dame. I’ve been outside of it  and went inside of it, but never have I climbed it. So, after grabbing probably one of the most fantastic crepes I’ve had here, I waited in line to climb to the top. And yes, it was a 45 minute wait. And yes, it was windy and cold. But, compared to Wisco it was heaven….even though the wimpy other people in line were complaining. Don’t worry, I passed the time by finishing my homework! The dude standing next to me kept on saying French words so wrong that I wanted to correct him so bad. Even if my pronunciation is terrible his was just pitiful. During the wait, the same Hilary Duff song which I put in my last Europe Trip video on youtube from five years ago came on shuffle…which was super weird because I had played that song in the video at the same point as when we were at Notre Dame. After a lonnggg wait, I finally got to realize my dream of pretending to be Esmerelda, but one more obstacle stood in my way: TOO. MANY. DAMN. STEPS. Phew, I was out of breath. The view from the top was breathtaking. No, it isn’t any Eiffel Tower view, but it’s just the idea that I’m standing where my favorite movie growing up was based upon. And also the fact I was hanging out with my gargoyle frands. They seemed to like me. To get to the tippity-top, you had to awkwardly climb while people also descended in the same two foot wide spiral staircase…okay claustrophobia kicking in.

After realizing my dream of climbing Notre Dame, I ventured to find Centre Pompidou…aka the weird building in Paris with its tubing/plumbing on the outside of the building. Yay for being a student, I got to go into this museum for free. This museum solely houses modern art. And, of course I’m all for art, I consider myself an artist…or at least was….but man there were some really weird things in this museum. Some pieces you could even walk into! So many things filled the halls that it was too hard to keep track of them all. I still don’t understand how three blank white canvases count as art though…when there were some way more talented pieces in there. One of my faves was a painting of a scene in an Asian town, with each person smiling. Every person was colored a different tone in the rainbow, but different shades of that tone to define the person. It was beautiful. I also loved seeing the Piscaso paintings and a huge Andy Warhol painting. Overall, I’ve come to the conclusion I like the impressionists period better.

On my way home, a girl was walking her cat outside. Yes, you heard me, her cat. Without a leash. And it was following her…until it saw me. So naturally, since cats love me, it followed me into my apartment. OOPSIE SORRY I LOVE CATS.

Also, little yellow kitty surprised me today at home while big scary kitty scared Bianca. Cats are crazy.


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  1. Congrats on your great test grade!!!:) Aw….Notre Dame…gargoyles and my Esmeralda-someday you will have to show me this!:)

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