Final Week In Paris!

On Tuesday, we again suffered through another long day of classes. For lunch, I went to my fav chain restaurant here called Pomme de Pain (apple of the bread) with Alex and Shinae. They have the best potato wedges ever. I’m serious. Well so does McDonald’s. Shinae & I took picture of us “studying” so it looks like we actually did work this semester… okay we actually did do work guys I swear.

Tuesday night, Bianca, Megan & I went to the Eiffel Tower for one last adventure there. Yes, we do know we’ve seen it one too many times, and our host mom makes fun of us for that. This time, however, we wanted to be classy and drink wine under it at night. So of course, we did it. We bought super cheap wine and giggled until it was time to go home (aka when the metro closes). Of course, before, we had to take the classic wine with the Eiffel tower pic before we left. And both Megan and Bianca French braided my hair….even more French we are I guess.

Unfortunately, we only made one of the metro lines. So we had to pay a 12 Euro cab to get home…oops. Seriously, the metro should just stay open all night. We did get to see the Arc de Triomphe at night though so I mean that was cool.

Wednesday, it was the last day of class with one of our teachers, Lucy, so we gave her a card and such to thank her. Basically, at this point I was getting super antsy during class because we were learning something I’ve went over 1000x’s. My teacher was super surprised I know all my verb conjugations yet my accent is TERRIBLE. Oops.

Wednesday was also the start of the huge “soldes” or sales in Paris. So, we attempted to go shopping…but there was just too many people. Also, all the cute clothes were not on sale. Somehow, we ended up eating at McDonalds (yeah I know I don’t even eat there at home…), however they also have FANTASTIC potato wedges there. Why we don’t have these in the US, I don’t know. US YOU SUCK. After, Martha & I went to go find the sleepy head Bianca who didn’t feel well that morning so went home to take a nap. We found our way back to Monmatre to see Sacre Coeur again (okay, sorry it’s just such a cool church and that neighborhood is awesome). Unfortunately for Meagan, she had metro problem after metro problem so she took almost an hour to find us. Okay Paris Metro, okay. In the mean time, I did a little bit of last minute souvenir shopping.

At the top of the hill where Sacre Coeur is situated, this man from another country asked for a picture with us after he found out we were American. And no, this is not the first time this has happened…lol awkward. The view from the top of that hill is actually breath taking. I honestly think it’s a more beautiful view that from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Plus, the church is breathtaking too.

After, of course Bianca and I decided to be even more American because she ate McDonalds and I ate SubWay. Which, by the way, the SubWay here just isn’t as good…they have one choice of cheese. Come on France, step up to Wisco’s level.

I actually fell asleep at seven that night…even though I planned on writing my blogs and packing. OOPS. Guess what time I woke up ? 7 a.m. Yep, a solid 12 hours of sleep. It was GREAT.

Thursday was our last long day of class (3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon). For lunch, we had one last meal at Crouis, aka where you can get a whole meal for three euros. Basically a cafeteria for students. Unfortunately, they didn’t really have anything for vegetarians…but I did eat some mystery mashed potato/chickpea/I’m not really sure what it was dish.  The afternoon class was fun because we got to watch Paris, Je T’aime and read the mystery “novel” we wrote as a  class.

After, Lexi and I went to Chipotle! Something we’ve been meaning to do this whole trip…okay sorry I was missing my Mexican food okay? There’s nothing spicy over here. Yes, there is the one and only Chipotle in Paris and it was great. I ate a burrito the size of my face and the Irish man working the counter was making fun of my french. YOU’RE IRISH DUDE I COULD SAY THE SAME THING. Oh, and the thing he was making fun of me was trying to figure out the french word for burrito…which is burrito…lol okay.

That night, we headed out to find the restaurant/bar that everyone was at. In the metro some guy tripped me completely and totally obviously on purpose so I fell on Bianca. I seriously do not understand French guys at all. RUDE.

Anyways, we had the hardest time finding the bar, so we stopped to eat McDonalds. After 20 minutes of searching, we randomly ran into Lexi, of which we screamed in delight, and then eventually found the bar. We were there for about an hour, when we decided to go try and find a dance club. Which, we did end up finding but some of decided we were too tired and went home. Oh yeah, but before that we all had to pee so of course we ate McDonalds….I’m sorry I love their potatoes here.

Today, we received our certificates for our classes! Yay, with the 6 credits I received here, I am now technically a 19-year-old senior. Seriously so weird. Anyways, I passed the class with an equivalent of an American A for my grade, so that will be a great GPA booster thank God (after J202 last semester….) We watched another movie in class today, just simply called “Paris,” and said all our goodbyes to our friends from class.

Tonight, we’re going out to dinner with some of the girls to say our final goodbyes….warning I may or may not cry….

Tomorrow, Bianca and I head out to the south of France and Geneva…so I don’t think we will have much of internet connection but we will try.



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  1. Aw…Paris sounds amazing! Can’t believe your classes are done and your on your way to even more adventures! I miss you and love you so much!!

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