Currently writing this blog on my phone on the train to Avignon so you know this will test my fast texting skills and how much my fingers will cramp. On Saturday, we woke up bright and early at 430 to catch our 630 train. That may have been the earliest I’ve woken up in forever. It was so early my dad was still awake back home and talking to me on facebook. We took a 20 euro cab ride to the train station because the metros weren’t even open yet. Greaaaat.
Oddly, it was hard to say goodbye to paris even though I was super excited to travel. Paris had become my home this month, Stalingrad was OUR metro station, we even showed pride for our 19th arridonisement even if it was a little sketch. Anyways, we took the three hour train ride to Bordeaux which went by quickly. When we got to the train station, we asked a lady working there where our hotel was and she told us the bus to take. Well we couldn’t read her writing and got off on the wrong stop….so we walked a long ways back to the train station with all our luggage to realize our hotel wasn’t even a block away. Okay thanks lady we just wasted money on this bus and almost killed ourselves walking super far. Of course, this only happens to us.
At first, we were a little sketched out by the hotel we picked, but it turned out to be cute. We had our own private little pink room (which Bianca said it was bigger than her dorm room…). After chilling for an hour (we were tired okay!) we headed downtown to the tourist office to try to figure out what to see. We mastered the tram system, even though I missed the metro considering the metro is 100xs faster. We first walked to a little park with a Giant fountain so of course we took our touristic picture in front of it. Which, because there were less tourists in Bordeaux, our touristic pictures seemed kind of weird. After we spotted a super pretty river which we learned later that it connects with the Atlantic Ocean. And, it’s actually not polluted anymore because they closed the factories by it. Quite a nice change from the seine. We realized how adorable this city was…from the architecture to the people’s southerns accents to the great shopping. We then headed to catch the tour bus that took you on an hour tour around the city with commentary. Of course, Nikki had to pee and we missethe bus. No prob, we said, we will catch the next one in half an hour. Nope next one doesn’t leave for an hour and a half. Okay cool, well just walk around. We tried to go into the opera, but of course we awkwardly walked in and the guy said it was closed. Okay cool we will go to the church nearby. Nope also closed. Okay we will go to the palace…nope also closed for some event. Luckily, the church opened up so we got to see the inside of it. I swear I’ve Lost count of how many churches I’ve been into on this adventure. But each and very one of them have their own unique quirks about them.
After we ran back to go catch the bus. The ride was COLD anD WINDY since it was a double decker bus. But we learned a lot about the history of the town. When we got off we bought 10 dollar candy not knowing it would be thaaaat expensive. Oh well it was good. And I’ve spend 85% of my money here on food.
After, we headed to see ruins of an old amphitheater which was you know pretty cool. Then we decided to go down this giant shopping road ….literally thousands of people on the road bc it’s sales in France right now. Of course, I didn’t buy anything even though I saw all this stuff I did want to buy. Good job Nikki. What did we have for dinner that night ? Why of course McDonald’s. oops.
We went back to the hotel and crashed even tho it was only like 9. On our way back we attempted to communicate with these guys who ended up being Spanish and in all actuality our French wasn’t as bad as we thought they just didn’t speak French perfectly either.
The next day, we woke up kind of late, but we didn’t have to be downtown until 130 to go to our wine tasting tour! We first made a pit stop at st Katherine’s church…but of course the giant steeple was closing when we wanted to climb it. We ran into a basically giant rummage sale and Bianca found all these one tree hills DVDs. It took all the strength in her not to buy them even though it was a great deal…but they may have not worked. After, we went to the reflecting pool by the river. Basically it’s a giant place filled with like a cm of water deep and it it looks like you’re walking on water. FREAKIN AWESOME. And then, it fogs sometimes so it looks like you’re straight up in a scary movie. Freaking awesome.
On our bus tour, the lady talked in both French and English and so basically it was a repeat of all the information… So you know how to make wine is now stuck in my Brain. Also besides for the babies, we def were the youngest people on the tour. Oops. We first stopped in a medieval fortress/village. You don’t know how excited I was. These places are my favorite! We got to see maybe the. Most pretty view I’ve ever seen at the top of the village. You could see for miles of vineyards after vineyards. It was actually breathtaking. After, we got to head into the catacombs of the church of the village. Which to our surprise there was actually another church UNDERGROUND. It was carved out of rock…aka called a monolithic church being only made of one rock. And no, it wasn’t small. It’s the largest one In Europe. The sad thing was that the paintings had all disappeared on the walls bc people used the material as gun powder. Our tour guide then told us only 13% of France’s art history is still here after the French Revolution. Which, this really depresses me that humans decided to destroy history. The village was cute and typically medieval with a moat, fortress walls, little tiny shops. Basically, I was in love. This place would be perfect to take senior pictures in or something. After, we left to the wine chateaux! A lady greeted us at the chateaux and we began the tour. We first started at the wine vats in which the wine is created. Her wine takes two years to properly mature, and they were just about to bottle their 2011 wine the next day. This process is so much more complicated than you would think. We headed into a second room where she showed us the giant barrels where the wine ages and we finally headed to go taste the wine! The first wine we tasted was older, so it was stronger. Bianca and I preferred the second more fruitier wine. Nonetheless it was still better than any wine I’ve ever had! I mean considering last week we bought 5 euro wine this was great. After we returned we decided to go to a movie, so we picked the internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson . Yay our tickets were only 3.50 each…until we bought 16 euros worth of food. Typical. Hey we wanted popcorn okay! When we got in the theatre we realized the movie was probs dubbed in French and not in English like back in Paris…oops. And yes, yes it was in french. I was able to understand most things and the movie was great. There were just some things we didn’t understand. By the way, the French voices of Owen and Vince just aren’t as funny as the american. And also, there was so much product placement of miller lite. It realllly made me miss Wisco.


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  1. Awwww…sounds wonderful!! Thanks for writing this, so great to hear what you’re touring!
    I love you lots & lots!!

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