The next day, we took a three-hour train to Nice (pronounced niece, not nice). It’s a city right on the Mediterranean Sea. Basically, it’s beautiful.

The first day, we checked into our hostel where they had upgraded us from a three-person room to our own personal room! Yay we didn’t have to share a room with creepers…but we did have to share a bed. I mean, ew Bianca smells.  The hostel was cute, and was 50 meters next to the sea. However, there were ants. Many ants. And it took us five years to find the place.

That first day, we took a little train tour (aka a mini trolley) that took us around town like true tourists. Almost missed it because we had to go get food like true Americans. Stuffing our faces while being a tourist. Anyways, it took us up a hill that lead to where the old castle once stood. I was disappointed to find out that the castle no longer existed…however we did get a great view of the city and the beach. After, we decided to head to Monaco! Yes, that is a country. It’s smaller than Madison…actually just a little bigger than Sun Prairie population wise. It’s the second smallest country in the world after Vatican City. Lucky for us, there was a bus from Nice to Monaco for only 1.50 each way. PERFECT! We got to Monaco, not knowing where we should have gotten off at, and found our way to Monte Carlo Casino. Of course, we went inside, where Bianca gambled. I didn’t have enough cash on me, but B played the slots with 10 euros. Hey Dad, I did find our double diamond slot machine we have at home! I could have mastered that one. While inside, a security guard yelled at me because I was looking at pictures on my camera and you’re not supposed to take pictures inside of it. No kind sir, I was not taking any pictures just looking at the picture I had just taken outside of the casino, I said of course in French. And of course he made fun of my French and continued to check my camera to see if I had any pictures on it. Ha, to his surprise I didn’t. Sucks to suck dude. Okay right now I’m watching Return of the Planet of the Apes on the airplane and this movie is intense so now I’m distracted.

Anyways, after we went to go find food which we couldn’t make up our mind because everything was so damn expensive. Yes, I did end up buying a 6 euro pepsi (which would have been like 9 dollars about in US dollars). Yep, this would have been 2 bucks in the United States…with free refills. Europe, y u so expensive?! However, I had great pizza so I was a happy camper.

We then headed up a gigantic hill, where I ran out of breath climbing it, to get to the palace. My verdict: definitely not as impressive as Buckingham Palace, but Prince Albert of Monaco must enjoy living in that mansion.  And of course, it had been my second time there so it just wasn’t as impressive. Then, we tried to catch a bus, to our luck it left right as we were coming. Greatttt, thank you. So we had to wait 20 minutes for another one which we were lucky to even get on it was so packed. And we had to stand for a little while. Normally, this would be okay but there was the fact that we were going up a mountain…so it was a little bit rocky.

That night, we sat on the beach and talked to some French people for like 2 hours…completely in French because they didn’t speak English very well. Yep, I’m kind of sort of proud of ourselves. Also, we convinced them we were from Switzerland for a while. Since this was July 3rd, it was perfect timing that fireworks went off on the beach nearby. As everyone was heading to Rhythm and Booms and I felt as though I was missing out on that, I got to see fireworks. On a beach. In France. I think that makes up for missing the fourth in America. Ps, how was the fourth and rhythm and booms in America everyone??

The next day, it was the fourth of July. So of course we had to celebrate! How? By lying on the beach. The entire day. I’m definitely okay with that. B sported her American flag shorts and I wore red, white and blue to attempt to be patriotic. Hey, there was a guy on the beach wearing American flag swim trunks. I was proud of him. The beach is made up of rocks, so you’d think that would be extremely uncomfortable. However, thanks to our hostel, we had the privilege of free towels to lie out on. And actually, the rocks were super comfortable and not as annoying as sand to lie on. At one point, a man was selling watermelons so of course we bought one. It was FANTASTIC. I feel like I haven’t had enough fruit here in France, except for bananas. So basically the entire day we napped and swam in the sea. Minus the salt water, I could have stayed in the sea all day. By the end of the day, I was an exact replica of a lobster, even though I used sunscreen. OOPS.  It was still worth it. That night, we attempted to go out for the fourth, but failed miserably. It’s cool we went back and slept.


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