About Me


Hi all of you,
My name is Nikki Francois and I will be here to endlessly blog for my Journalism 202 class. Yes, the “swa” at the end of my url is how you pronounce my last name. Basically our family’s inside joke that I always use to make usernames for.

I’m 19 and I’m currently attending UW-Madison. I’ve basically been a Badger at heart since I was born. If you look at old photo albums, you will definitely find embarrassing pictures of me with a bowl haircut and wearing a Badger cheerleading outfit when I was two. I’m majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in the strategic communication side. Hopefully, I will also double major en le Francais (we’ll see how that goes). I think it will be fantastic after my trip to study abroad in Paris this summer. My ultimate goal is to be part of an advertising/marketing firm. I had the opportunity to be a summer intern at Roundhouse Marketing to learn the ins and outs of advertising and public relations. It truly made me understand that this career is my passion. My favorite thing to do in the communications area is create advertisements, infographics, movies, etc. It’s so exciting to me that  I can combine my creative side with writing and business in this field.

However, if I could pick one other dream job, I’d love to be an editor of a magazine. More specifically, Seventeen Magazine, as I’ve been obsessed with reading that publication since I was twelve (slightly embarrassing, I know). Or you know, at least work for a magazine designing pages. I mean, I was voted most likely to be a magazine editor in high school, so maybe my peer’s prediction will come true.

A Little About Me

I don’t eat meat (and I haven’t since I was five), currently have an obsession with Netflix, love Taylor Swift and British boy bands (but not when they are dating each other), and I’m imploding with excitement to see Catching Fire this year. Traveling is one of my many passions, so this summer abroad will be a trip of a lifetime. I most likely will be blogging my heart out during that time; however, I may go old-school and bring a journal along with me to write about my adventures. I recently just bought tickets to see my favorite band ever, All Time Low, when they are playing in London (even though I’ve already seen them 12 times). I swear I don’t have a problem. But, I do have a slight obsession with going to concerts. Honestly, I have lost count of how many I’ve been to. I mean, I did work at a concert venue last year, so that just added to the list. I also should probably mention I just really love anything, and everything, Disney related.


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