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Days With My Father


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Issue: Not exactly a pressing issue, but more people should keep a journal/blog.

My thoughts:

Yet again, this was a beautifully designed and written alternative story. It was simple to read, almost like a children’s books. But, it was very emotional despite how simple it was. The organization of pages was very innovative, in my opinion. By clicking at the bottom of the picture, it led you to another picture. This for me also gave the appearance of a children’s book…but a children’s book 2.0. The pictures were very touching, not to mention beautiful shots. I even teared up while viewing them.

His quick thoughts on the side of the page allowed the reader to easily understand the story. An emotional connection, for me at least, was made quickly. From the fact they told his father his wife was only in Paris instead of deceased to the fact his father only liked to eat eggs, the whole story was captivating. Simple, but captivating.

The importance of this story, to me, is to cherish your life and the lives of your loved ones. Record your memories in a journal. Take more photographs than needed. Keep the special photographs and display them somewhere in your house. Create a blog with photos and your writing together. Whether your father is dying, you’re studying abroad, or just want to rant, keeping a journal preserves history. It also can help you calm yourself down by illustrating  your life in words and pictures.  Record the unusual things, like this man did with his father’s notes. Your thoughts don’t have to be complete sentences. They don’t even have to make sense, just write them down. Write your worries about life. On a blog, add video podcasts of yourself or a family gathering. Take a picture everyday of your child and upload it to a blog, then you can see how’ve he’s grown in the past year.

There’s a newly found importance in online blogs. It’s so easy to express yourself nowadays. You don’t even have to make your blog public. It can just be for you. Which, the online aspect makes it harder for your brother to read your personal diary.

Get out there and go blog.

Share your story, no matter what it is.