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Fotoshop by Adobe


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Issue: Unrealistic women in media

My thoughts:

I actually watched this video over five times. Why? Well, it was hilarious. It was genius to combine a typical makeup commercial with “Fotoshop.” I personally enjoyed the line, “My skin feels like plastic!” Using each different tool in Fotoshop as a product was very clever, and oh so true.

The video highlights the widespread use of Photoshop on women in magazines. This creates an impossible standard of beauty for women. Women see other women in advertisements with perfect bodies, hair, complexion, etc and believe that that’s how they are supposed to look. Everything’s airbrushed. I know I feel self-conscious when I flip through a magazine and it’s beautiful woman after beautiful woman. But, it’s not real. Kate Upton’s perfect body was edited on Photoshop. Taylor Swift’s beautiful complexion has a filter over the picture. Selena Gomez has perfect hair because her fly-aways were edited out.

It’s all fake.

Which leads women to believing this is the exact way they are supposed to look like. Instead of embracing their natural beauty, they throw on pounds of makeup to look like these celebrities and models. Women go through extreme lengths to loose weight by dieting and exercise. Some of those exercise and diets are very unhealthy for the body. On Facebook, girls edit their pictures so much that you can’t even recognize them. Sure change the filter of lighting, but I can tell you edited your eyes when they are the color of the sky.

This isn’t right.

Part of the blame is the media. More specifically, in advertisements and magazine photo shoots. I’m currently flipping through my June 2013 Glamour Magazine and I know that Carly Rae Jepson doesn’t look like what she does in Burt’s Bee’s advertisement. I’ve met her. She’s prettier in person.

Altering a body size is the worst use of Photoshop, in my opinion. That’s so much faker than getting rid of a pimple or two. This leads to the idea that every woman should have a perfect body. Men who look at the advertisements will think, “Damn, why doesn’t my girlfriend look like that?” Women who see the advertisement may consider starving themselves because of how thin the woman looks.

Thankfully, I feel as though some magazines have come to their senses and have stopped excessively using photoshop in their photo shoots. Seventeen Magazine pledged last year that they would never edit their models or celebrities (besides for acne and fly aways). I find this amazing. All because of an 8th grader’s campaign, they changed their policy on airbrushing photos. I know I’ve been reading Seventeen since I was 12, so a lot of young girls read this publication. It’s important for them to look up to real role models, who actually look real. (Here’s an article on Seventeen’s changes).

Seventeen also incorporates “real girl” models in their magazine of all shapes, colors, and sizes. These models include their subscribers and beauty gurus from YouTube, and usually not actual models. That’s probably one of the reasons why I’ve always loved reading Seventeen while growing up. I didn’t have to worry about looking exactly like the model because they were all different.

Of course, Seventeen can’t really control what is done in Photoshop on their advertisements in the publication. That’s up to the company themselves. Advertising is where changes need to be made, so that Photoshop is used less. There are PLENTY of girls out there who look gorgeous without Photoshop. You could still sell me a shampoo if that girl isn’t photoshopped. Instead, photographers should work on getting a better lighting to enhance the natural beauty of their model.

My future goal in advertising is to change this stigma of “the perfect woman.” It’s important to stop using Photoshop to overly edit pictures of women in magazines so that women can feel more confident about themselves.