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Go Daddy Commercial

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Issue: Societal/advertising, stereotypes

My response:

The Super Bowl serves as the world’s largest advertising stage each year. This year, an estimated 108.4 million people watched the game, according to the Nielsen Co.

This year at the Super Bowl, there were quite the array of funny, emotional, and just straight up weird advertisements. One of the most controversial advertisement, in my opinion, was the advertisement. In this advertisement, a “nerdy” guy makes out with a “hot” girl for an uncomfortable amount of time. They created this ad to mix the “smart” side of their company with their “sexy” side of their company.

The commercial was a viral hit on social media, but not exactly for good reasons. A majority of people on social networking sites found this advertisement was just basically disgusting to watch, and that was the reason why they did not enjoy to watch it. However, I took a different stand on why I did not like it because I felt it reinforced negative stereotypes and it objectified women. I mean, yes I was very uncomfortable watching that advertisement, but that’s not why I thought it was an ethical advertisement.

At first, I thought well, the company is sure gaining attention for this advertisement. So, they must be making money, so that’s not too bad. I actually almost feel stupid for saying this commercial was okay to produce. However, after closer inspection I realized that this advertisement is not ethical. America’s society needs to get rid of negative stereotypes and reinforcing them on commercials (not to mention the biggest TV event of the year) is not a good idea. I mean, it wasn’t even a funny commercial, so it did not even serve its purpose.

It exploits both the man and the woman. It objectified the woman because it made her a sex  object. She basically just sat there throughout the commercial and did what she was told. She basically was reduced to be seen as only her sexuality, and not as a person.

In addition, this commercial reinforces the stereotype that basically, beautiful women are dumb and need a smart man to  help them survive in life. Women can’t be both beautiful and smart. It also reinforces what women should look like in order to get the attention of a man. Lastly, the appearance of the “nerd”  was extremely stereotypical because not all computer programmers look like that.

Stereotypes were also reinforced in other advertisements during the Super Bowl, including the Volkswagon advertisement where a white man had a Jamaican accent. The point was that buying a Volkswagon would make you happy. Although I did find this commercial amusing, it was stereotypical to assume all Jamaicans talk like that. It was definitely a more subtle stereotypical advertisement.

However, it is important to stop creating these stereotypical advertisements. After taking J162 last semester (Minorities in the Media), I became more aware of the challenges they face. I really didn’t understand how many advertisements, TV shows, and even in the news created negative stereotypes about minorities until I took this class. Negative stereotypes and jokes in media on minorities, gender, etc. are something that’s very easy to overlook, but it’s something that needs to be stopped before it gets worse. If there is no joke about stereotypes, there won’t be a stereotype. The media just worsens the idea of a stereotype when it gets displayed to millions of people. There are much more ways to create a fantastic, creative advertisement without focusing on a stereotype. I hope America comes to this realization and fixes this problem soon.